The history behind Flipps TV app

Flipps TV app was launched for the first time as the iMediaShare in the year megabox apk 2012 and it was founded Metodi Filipov and Kostadin Jordanov. However, its development started in a year and a half before. Application realized the dream of getting effortless the content streaming and discovery. The technology is patented and also submitted to the leading mobile app store like Google Play and iTunes.

Flipps TV app is among the leading streaming app

It has the popularity that grew faster and when the app was launched, it has made over 200,000 downloads in just two months after the launching. In the Amazon Appstore, it topped the charts like the number 1 downloaded app and it continued with the same title for a long period. The iMediaShare completed the rebranding of the company and it came to be named Flipps. This is the name that comes from the act of flipping the content from a screen to another. Flipps got the funding from Teres Capital, local angels and LAUNCHhub.

Reviews about the game hacker application

You will find a number of positive reviews about the application from the users or the game lovers. It is not only the best app sb game hacker that enhance your gaming experience, but it is also available free of cost. The users of the app said that the play store should also offer these apps to them, but they don’t because they have to make their money using these apps.

According to Mark, “I have been trying to pass the level in the car game for a few weeks, but I could not do so, because of its difficulty level. Game hacker is the best tool that makes it possible for me to pass the level and enhance my gaming experience. I would like to recommend this app to all the game lover to have fun and get more moves and money in the game free of cost”.

Viva video app – The Best Photo Slideshow Make And Video Editor

In order to compete in the app market and remain a viva video shining star, the app developers have to come up with something unique and functional. This is exactly what the developers of Viva Video app have achieved. By offering something different and with a lot of great features, the developers of Viva Video app – the best video editor for iOS and Android platforms have managed to capture a great chunk of this market.

If you are looking for a great video editing app with loads of functionality and great features, Viva Video app is the answer. This app offers you a lot of functions to experiment with your videography skills. This app also gives you the opportunity to convert your pictures into an attractive and worth sharing slideshows. The social media integration feature lets you share your creations with the world with just a simple click.

Your waiting at the airport becomes worthwhile with Movie HD App

Waiting at the airport due to flight delays could be mentally painful and boring. Such boredom could be easily overcome if you own an Android or iOS smartphone. With such a handset it is possible to watch films of your choice in HD.

movie hd You only need to install Movie HD app for allowing such viewings. This application is available online free of cost. All you need to do is download and install the app suitable for your handset as separate versions are available for Android and iOS platforms.

With movies being categorized under different labels like ‘comedy’, ‘action’, ‘horror’, ‘adventure’, ‘drama’ and so on choosing a film becomes easy. To release the stress of delayed flights a ‘comedy’ movie would be the best bet.

You could also opt for ‘recommended’ movies and enl them too during your waiting period. Watching a cinema in high definition (HD) offers an additional pleasure, and that is the significance of this new entertainment application for smartphones.